2 Mar, 2015/2016.
Movilfestour is one of the activities developed by the Movilfirst Institution to help its own self-financing and therefore the Movilievers community. Created by the Movilfirstlab programs development team, within its usual activity for studying the application of new technologies to everyday life, this new initiative is aimed at tourism in the city of Budapest.

The concept of the activity is to offer tourists the chance to get to know the city through their passion for cinema. Hollywood regularly rolls in the city of Budapest, for its good condition for filming and for its natural scenery, preserved to perfection, so the city is full of natural “sets” of internationally well-known films.

Our patrons in this project that links tourism and culture, are the largest producer in Eastern Europe of bicycles
Csepel, Alcatel One Touch, Telenor, Burn y Mini Bar Budapest. The tour is endorsed by the tourism office that has been part of the commissioner, selected to prepare the tour.

Most of the tourists who come to the city, rent a bicycle to visit it, for this reason the Movifirst team has created a bicycle tour linked to the cinema. The tour bicycles incorporate a novel system where each of them is equipped with a Alcatel One Touch tablet, with internet connection, offered by Telenor.

Through the tablet, the client accesses an interactive map, where he can locate the points of the city that appear in famous movies.

The application alerts you where you have to stop to watch a video, where you can watch the original scene shot for the film, in the exact location where it is.



The tour includes the original map in printed version, a guide that accompanies you through the city, a Burn drink, the tablet incorporated into the bike and a stop halfway tour through, in the Mini Bar Budapest, the first bar in the world of the cars brand, Mini.


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