Our commitment is to build a community to share with the rest of the world. The mission of our institution is to recognize the effort, talent and passion of those who direct their creativity to change "something" in the interest of a more just and connected world.

The donations and sponsorships from our patrons provide opportunities to offer free-of-charge programs for the movilievers and the audience.

"We work mainly through the program Two Realities."

First Reality

We are aware that some children will grow up as adults without the capacity to distinguish the real from the imaginary.

The mobile phone is considered the "cigarette of this era"- one of the greatest addictions of this century.

"We need cultural norms that, as users, improve the quality of our core being. Moreover, our greatest challenge as a society is to establish and build these norms understanding the dynamics of the emerging global culture."

Second Reality

Millions of people who have not had access to a computer now have the great opportunity to carry one in their pockets. We are aware of the transitional period required to integrate this powerful advantage. Two thirds of the global population are, as of yet, not connected. However, internet access increases daily. We work to build a bridge for talent to be expressed at an equal advantage anywhere in the world.

"The core component of Movilfest, the Movilfest awards, the Social Awards and the Labs, is the user. We are committed to the mission and purpose of our institution through serving the user."