It is the responsibility of the Movifirst commissioner to ensure that the mission of every festival is guaranteed. This is done through the diligent cooperation of the curators, the chairman of the selection committee, and in each category, the juries.

Likewise, the commissioner is in charge of selecting relevant figures or entities as well as projects or ideas presented to the festival. He/she is also responsible for the selection of candidates for the “Movilfirst Social Prize” and “Ambassadors” of the Institution. The prime duty of the commissioner is to represent the values inherent in the Movilfirst philosophy of creating a more just, sustainable, healthy, fun and equitable world for anyone using mobile devices connected to the Internet.

The EME awards, given at the closing ceremony of each festival, are granted in a live ceremony. Winners are selected by a previously chosen jury, as well as by the commissioner and by the selection committee president. The Honorary EME is the only award determined solely by the commissioner.

The Movilfirst Institution, through its periodic notification tool, will connect the commissioner to the organization and allow an optimal and simple follow-up to facilitate his work. In this capacity, the institution will be in charge of receiving, promoting, planning, elaborating on and transmitting whatever data and information are necessary or convenient.

During all the wonderful years since 2010, we have been navigating a long road through what has often felt like a desert: and a desert is a desert! Yet in this desert, we have discovered an oasis of committed participants who are now part of the commission or jury of Movifirst festival; all because they believe that a more just, connected world is possible. We thank each and every one of you.