The Movilfirst Institution presents a Budapest, a workshop for actors, taught by the actor and director Alexis Latham.

Alexis is currently the artistic director of Scallabouche Theater and Training Director of ImpactWorks Budapest. Since leaving Welsh College of Music and Drama in 1990, he worked as an actor in theater and film in Europe and the United Kingdom, as a workshop leader and designer, and more recently as a director. In 1997 he founded The Scallabouche and since then he has created 9 original pieces of theater, mainly through creation, but also through adaptation. The company has been invited to carry out its work in some of the main European cities, such as Moscow or Belfast, and has developed a reputation for live theater. His career is nourished by the principles of improvisation mixed with the Hungarian absurd and creates an ambiguous action, which is based as much on the imagination of the audience as on the performers.

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