Create a connected, just, healthy, sustainable, fun and equitable world for all.

Create a connected, just, healthy, sustainable, fun and equitable world for all.

Manage, inspire, promote, divulge, protect and defend the artistic, cultural and historical – technological heritage created by and for mobile devices.

Encourage the development of education and equal opportunity among people through innovative methods and/or through the application of new technologies.

Reward talent in the development of ideas and projects by and for mobile devices.

Disseminate education through the creation of content to create a more just, fun, sustainable, healthy and equitable society for all.

Provide opportunities to the creatively restless in order to share and present their work before professionals of different disciplines, opening new opportunities for all.

Share talent through our digital platform.

Carry out cultural, artistic and social activities, festivals and exhibitions, organize conferences, symposiums, seminars, workshops and other events of similar nature which inspire and cultivate analysis and dissemination of topics of interest through mobile content for its users.

Connect villages, towns, and cities throughout the world without exception. To exploit digital and physical spaces that open opportunities in the emerging professional global marketplace.

Train new generations, professionals and citizens in the digital realm; digital transformation of industries and services, and acceleration of digital innovation through entrepreneurship.

Prepare, manage and execute projects aimed at reducing digital exclusion and harassment in all areas: employment, education, art, health, socially and culturally.

Contribute to the enhancement and equality of living conditions of society in general,(particularly children, youths, the elderly, the unemployed, people at risk of social exclusion and the disabled), supporting , promoting and collaborating in the development of actions and activities that result in the improvement of their state and visibility through new technologies.

Promote management, communication and education in the interest of recycling the waste of telephony and communication devices and their accessories through relevant activities.

Reach agreements with institutions, sponsoring companies and aligned entities to create a more just, sustainable, healthy, fun and equal equitably connected world for all.



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