The Movilievers are the ones that democratize the talent and the Institution Movilifrst is the creator of the catwalk between the audience and the content..

The Movilievers are the creators of content produced by and for mobile devices and that form the Movilfirst community. Millions of videos, photographs, music, literature, animation, drawings, Apps, etc … are created by a generation capable of using their mobile devices as a tool for creation and collaboration, wanting to share their talent and creativity in the network.

Through Movilfirst, the Movilievers meet and connect, being able to share their projects, which in many occasions were lost among the massification of contents of generalist platforms. Other so many millions of projects were sketched by their creators but not shared, because there was no space in the network with which they felt identified.

We opened as a content platform, and it is the Movilievers that have created their own community over all these years.

Movilievers day in Budapest

The value of the Movilievers community lies in the acceptance and fulfillment of the Movilfirst Mission, where not everything goes for the creation of mobile content. This community has rules to create content that will help change the world, and together, build a global community connected and more just, and that is what is sought and rewarded, effort, vision and passion in each one of the sections so that a world more equal for all is possible.

Movilievers day in Budapest


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