24 Feb 2018.
The years have taken us to what we are today. So, to assume the risk of a rebranding has been something simple, because the change was necessary. Our content creators, the Movilievers, have shown us the way and our team has always been clear about the mission of Movilfest Movilfirst.

Our previous website “movilfestawards.com” was designed primarily for the celebration of festivals and parallel activities. We were looking for content creators who needed a space to share their digital projects, made through mobile devices. We were one of the first organizations in the world to celebrate, since 2010, festivals in cities such as Miami, Tenerife, Panama and Budapest, with exclusively Mobile First content. A new methodology of doing the things, that for us, was not limited only to a mobile interface or a new visual design, but that what was really important was the content that could be created through mobile devices creating a world, more fair, creative, fun and the same for everyone. Sharing it and rewarding it is the reason for our daily work, which has led us to the creation of Movilfirst.

We evolved together with the technology that helps us grow as a social community.

More and more, thousands of visits not only from creators of projects dreamers of the change, but also from lovers of digital art in general, have demanded us greater accessibility when it comes to being able to enjoy the works presented at the competitions, creating an authentic community of Movilievers eager to know, share and enjoy the creativity and talent developed in mobile format.

This remarkable increase and consolidation of the Movilievers community leads us to start the development of our own Movilfirst digital platform, as an online meeting point, both for users and for visitors who will find quality mobile content, shared under the guidelines of some rules and regulations, which have the sole objective of offering a space for talent and creativity, connecting and creating a better world for all.

In this new stage, Movilfirst is managed by a cultural institution Without Profit, of the same name, from which the work of recognizing and assessing almost everything is given continuity, what can be done by and for mobile devices. We want give repercussion to the work of the Movilievers covering all the fields in which new technologies allow them to develop a creative project. From anywhere in the world. Without assessing the quality of production but the talent. Taking advantage of and enhancing that there are people in the world who never had or will not have access to a computer, but today, they carry one it in their pocket.

“MOVILFIRST wants to reach them, to know them for share and promote their talent.”

Each of these new sections have their own categories, whose rules and regulations, define the nature of them, but maintaining, the common denominator of the Movilfirst concept: To select only creative works made with mobile devices to be consumed using this same type of technology.


Know our Categories and its rules


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