Cultural patronage helps to consolidate a socially responsible image.

Investing in the dissemination of culture and creativity through mobile devices is investing in wealth, well-being and self-esteem in society, encouraging new initiatives and capacities to undertake professional or personal projects. The Movilfirst Institution, together with our patrons, seeks to intervene in the daily lives of people who contribute to a more creative society.


We do not work within a framework of an elitist culture designed for the few. We work for everyone, without losing rigor, quality and proximity to each and every individual.

We align with people, companies or entities that strive to create a more just and connected world for everyone. If you would like to join and support us, become a patron or sponsor, or participate through the “crowdfunding” of some of our parallel activities, you can also send us an email to

As a patron of the Movilfirst Institution, you will receive privileged information about all our activities.

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Transferencia o Cheque Bancario

If you wish to make a contribution to the Movilfirst project, through a bank transfer, please do it to the following account:

Beneficiary: Asociación Movil First
IBAN: ES86 2100 6928 0502 0005 2735
Concept: Indicate whether your donation is for Movilfirst in general or reflect the donation code of the activity or event you want to support.

To make a donation using bank check, we ask you to follow these instructions:

  1. Make a check payable to “Asociación Movil First”
  2. In concept, indicate if your donation is for Movil First in general or reflect the donation code of the activity or event you wish to collaborate with.
  3. Please send your check to:

Asociación Movil First
C/ La Vereda, 35 – Bocacangrejo
38109 – El Rosario – La Esperanza
Tenerife – Islas Canarias – ESPAÑA

All donations will be acknowledged with gratitude and justified as a tax deduction.

Become a patron

Become a Individual Patron

If your love is cinema, photography or mobile applications, discover all our sections to connect your contribution with your passion. You can also make a contribution to the Institution in general or become a valuable volunteer contributing with your time. Discover the route through which you can be part of the Movilfirst project.

In order to donate, you only need a computer with an internet connection. The pages on this site contain all the information necessary to make a donation. If you prefer to contact us, you can do so through

Become a Corporate Support

The Institution Movilfirst is open to collaborate with companies that wish to become involved and stand out within our creative community (Movilivers) and their audiences. This can be done through the sponsorship of our festivals, the creation of multifaceted alliances for the development of the catalog of courses, through talks, LABs, personalized categories and exhibitions. There are many ways to support and participate in the Movilfirst project. For more information on corporate patrons, please send an email to

Become a Foundational Partner

Working with foundations, associations or any non-profit organization allows the Movilfirst Institution to support the vital work of digital creators and entrepreneurs. We seek to connect each foundation with the activities of our institution that reflects shared values and priorities. For more information on foundational patrons, send an e-mail to

Become a Government Supporter

To us, government associations are an important part of our development. Government, national or local institutions, embassies, institutes or cultural agencies, support artists and audiences and provide valuable support for our local, national and international work. For more information on government patrons, send an email to

Become an Event Sponsor

Throughout the year, Movilfirst Institution organizes special events around the world in order to promote the Movilivers and to raise funds for supporting new projects, concerts, exhibitions, LABs, Express Festivals, and festivals dedicated to a single category (with rooms devoted to products). For more information about sponsorships, please send an email to

Our Culture

We reward the culture of creativity open to all. Our mission is to empower people to build a real community and express what really matters to them, at the same time, without forgetting what is happening in the world. 

What is your passion?

The Cinema 

The Photografy 

The Music 

The Animation 

The Paint 

Internet Of Things (IOT)

The Mobile Journalism 

The Thumbs Stories 

The Apps 

We would like any person in the world with access to a smartphone connected to the Internet to have opportunities, free of charge, to share their talent with the world, making it more just. 

¡Support it! 

Together, we have the power to transform culture for everyone.
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