The Movilfirst Institution has always had clear its vision of globalism and equality. The network upholds cultural equality acknowledging the value of all individuals and value of culture itself. Without culture there is no identity and a generation without culture is a generation without possibilities.

Right from the onset, we received registrations from diverse countries such as Spain, Hungary, Mexico, Russia, The United States, Senegal, France, Argentina, and others. This has lead us to design a mobile festival format with the mission of becoming a social experience with workshops, activities, art exhibitions, concerts, awards, connections, panels, exhibits. projections and more.

The mobile cities & destinations are the meeting points of audiovisual content, created primarily for distribution and consumption through mobile terminals connected to the Internet. Each Movilfirst Festival bears the name of the city or country of its host. The objective is to position the city and link directly to its culture and tourism. We select local artists in honor of the talent of the city that welcomes us and we ask them to interpret the concept of the event, which contributes to promotion of local creativity, its idiosyncrasy and its culture. One of the artists is then chosen to make the poster representing the event. Likewise, the local commissioner, together with the direction of the festival, decides the slogan that promotes the tourist and cultural destination.

The culmination of Movilfirst Festival is the awards ceremony. The committee selects the works in each of the categories that go to the EME Awards Ceremony where the final decisions are made by a guest jury. Also awarded at the ceremony, through our Honorary EME, is an honoree within the industry whose professional career represents the philosophy of Movilfirst Institution. Everything ends with a fabulous “After Party” with international DJs.

Would you like to have a ceremony in your city? Write to us. We would love to meet you and your


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